Standard NABERTHERM Controllers. (As fitted to our range of nabertherm kilns as standard or option)

Our extensive line of standard controllers satisfies most customer requirements. Based on the specific furnace model, the controller regulates the furnace temperature reliably. The standard controllers are developed and fabricated within the Nabertherm group. When developing controllers, our focus is on ease of use. From a technical standpoint, these devices are custom-fit for each furnace model or the associated application. From the simple controller with an adjustable temperature to the control unit with freely configurable control parameters, stored programs, PID microprocessor control with self-diagnosis system and a computer interface, we have a solution to meet your requirements.

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Controller upgrade option from B130 (Standard) controller to C280 controller Please see NAB controller details

NB: This Controller option is an option to upgrade when purchasing a new kiln with controller and not to purchase a standalone controller.

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